Friday, December 21, 2007

Evolution, hemlines, and the Constitution

In her column this week, Ann Coulter blasted Mike Huckabee. Coulter blasts people more often than Larry the Cable Guy tells a joke about flatulence, so that in itself isn't news. But here's the unusual part: one of the charges she hurls at the Arkansas governor is that even though he doesn't believe in evolution, he doesn't denounce Darwinism strongly enough:

Here's the relevant part of Coulter's complaint:

"The media are transfixed by the fact that Huckabee says he doesn't believe in evolution... Asked on CNN's "Larry King Live" Monday night about his beliefs on evolution, Huckabee rushed to assure King that he has no interest in altering textbooks that foist this fraud on innocent schoolchildren.

"I don't understand that. Does Huckabee believe Darwinism is a hoax or not? If he knows it's a fraud, then why does he want it taught to schoolchildren? What other discredited mystery religions... does Huckabee want to teach children? Sorcery? Phrenology? Alchemy?"

Well, maybe we are teaching children sorcery by condoning the reading of Harry Potter books. But I digress: Not only does Mike Huckabee not believe in evolution, he also does not approve of miniskirts:

You know what the beauty of our Constitution is? Because of it, we have a government where regardless of who is elected President next year, I can go on believing in evolution; Ann Coulter can go on wearing miniskirts.

Boy, am I glad it's not the other way around...

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