Tuesday, September 15, 2009

And the czar belly sneetches had czars upon thars!

Listening to this video, in which Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander takes the Obama administration to task for the proliferation of "czars" in the executive branch, I'm struck by how much Alexander sounds like he's reading from a book by Dr. Seuss.

An intrepid Senator named Lamar
Bemoaned the work of the several czars;
We listened well that fateful date
When the Tennessean was heard to orate:

"We have an Aids czar, an auto recovery czar
A border czar and a California water czar.
We have a car czar, and a central regions czar
And a domestic violence czar!

"There is an economic czar
An energy and environment czar
A faith based czar and a Great Lakes czar!"
Dear me, I thought, that's an awful lot of czars!

I wonder if any of those czars like green eggs and ham.

By the way, don't the words "Tennessee" and "Tennessean" sound as though they'd be more at home in Dr. Seuss books than in the real world?

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